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Legal Terms
Payment is due upon approval. PLEASE REVIEW YOUR ORDER DETAILS & READ FULL TERMS & CONDITIONS BEFORE PAYING THIS INVOICE. By paying invoice, I agree my order details listed above are correct as requested. I confirm I am aware that (1) All Sales Are Final & orders can not be altered in any way once design is approved. In addition I confirm I am the owner of the account/credit-debit card & authorized this payment. DESIGNS/LOGO...All designs/logos supplied and/or designed by Designs Influence Perception are the property of Designs Influence Perception and may be subject to Copyright; unless sold by Designs Influence Perception to the customer at our discretion.
**Due to volume, occasionally some items might have a longer than normal processing time.  Please allow a minimum of 5-7 business days for normal shipping.  Shipping time may exceed 5-7 business days on some orders so please allow a minimum of 7-10 business days for higher volume it to ship.
** Please allow 48-72 hours to process payments.
**Once your order and payment has been processed your items will be sent to production.  You will receive an email/text message with your tracking information once order is shipped.
**All shipping is estimated and will be adjusted at time of shipping.  Shipping must be paid in full prior to shipping.