Desert in Dark


Vonnie Jones

My overall goal is to transform your ideas into a reality.


I possess more than 15 years of progressive experience in a technical role.  Technical roles obtained based on work ethic, education, my ability to learn fast and stay abreast with ever-changing technology.  My professional history includes positions such as a Pre-sales Engineer, Solution Specialist, and Technical Engineer.  My responsibility in these positions included me being an expert in various technical capacities, but through it all, my main concern has and will always remain, satisfaction of my customer. 

In 2017, a very dear friend of my mine reached out to me and said,

"Vonnie V, I have a project for you.  I need you to build me a website, can you do it?"

So, those who know me should already know my response!!  I responded, "Whaaa?, of course I can".  Let me tell you that when I responded I had no idea where to start.  What I did know was, that didn't matter, what did matter is that I know that I can do whatever I want to do and whatever I set out to do.  It's footprints on the moon, I too can make some footprints.

Soooo, I said give me a couple days and I'll shoot you an email.  THE REST IS HISTORY!!


I, however, didn't want to stop there.  I am filled up when I am able to deliver creatively.  Deciding to venture off into the whole  Graphic Design and Digital Marketing realm is not work for me, it's my passion.  Passion to create, transforms ideas, and Influence Perception through Design, Print and Services.